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Litigation Law




Real Estate lends itself to certain issues that must be litigated. Craig C Lesok, PLLC is fully prepared to assist in all phases of litigation in order to obtain the best result possible. Unlike other firms, litigation is usually billed on a flat rate so that clients are fully aware of how much they are spending at all times. Practically, this is helpful in determining when to settle and when to move forward with trial. Below are a few areas relating to litigation:

    • Fraud– Fraudulent conveyances are more and more prevalent today. Imagine going to sell your property and discovering that someone has forged a deed to convey property to a third party without your knowledge. This can be resolved quickly via Section 51.093 of the Texas Government Code or by filing a suit to quiet title in district court.
    • Suit to Quiet Title- If an issue arises over ownership of property, a suit to quiet title and declaratory judgment may be filed to resolve the issue in district court. The court will ultimately decide who the rightful owner of the property is.
    • Partition– Partition is the division of real property interests among co-owners. This occurs when co-owners of property cannot decide on an equitable division of the property. Typically, a demand letter is delivered to the other owner of the property. If the matter is not resolved via demand letter, then a lawsuit is filed in order to obtain a judgment to determine respective interests.