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Title Law

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Buyers of property in the State of Texas should be confident that the parcels and buildings that they are purchasing are zoned for their intended usage, that the boundaries of those properties are consistent with what they believe them to be.

Buyers should also be confident that other parties have legal claims to the ownership of the properties. However, even the most diligent real estate purchasers can run into title problems or other difficulties at a later time.

Adverse Possession – In Texas, this is defined as “an actual and visible appropriation of real property, commenced and continued under a claim of right that is inconsistent with and is hostile to the claim of another person.”

Boundary Disputes – Most lenders will require a land survey before approving a mortgage on real property. These can often be used to resolve late issues when another property owner builds on what you believe to be your property—or when that owner complains that your recent improvement encroaches on his or her land.

Deed Restrictions – Deed restrictions are additional covenants that have been placed on the land’s usage as a condition of ownership.

Easement Disputes – The purchase of a piece of property often includes easement rights. When the actual owner of a property attempts to withdraw those permissions, it can adversely affect the value of your property, or even make it unusable.

Title Disputes – Occasionally another party will contest the validity of your property ownership, or claim that the party who sold you the property never had the right to do so.